Foundation for Value Transformation (FVT)

Nigeria is endowed with abundant human and natural resources, but the quality of life of the people, in terms of health, education and other social experiences does not reflect our rich endowments.
The quality of life in our society, the results we get, come from our behaviors which are influenced by the mind-set that controls our socio-political system. The mind-set that produces these results, good or bad are anchored in our values and beliefs as a society.

Values provide the compass for our decisions and behaviors, and influence the outcomes of our individual and national lives.   Our experience as a people will not change significantly until we eliminate limiting values that have for so long held hostage the mind-set of our socio-political leadership class.  In its  place we need to promote principles that will support our dreams of excellence and greatness.

What we need...

Change does not roll in on the wheels of wishes, but comes through persistent push. FVT provides a platform for people who will engage with the leadership of the political class and other stakeholder groups, to push for a change of direction. The glorious future we dream for our nation can only be sustained on a firm foundation of empowering values and citizen engagement. For our own good, we need to be committed in pursuing the right for all Nigerians to build a decent, peaceful life for ourselves and our families.

The Nigeria Challenge
The New Dawn


We are change, We are transformation


Our values reflect the principles that are important to us. Together with beliefs they drive our individual and collective decisions, attitudes and behaviors. The outcomes we get in our personal lives, groups and society are rooted in our values. A society cannot operate with negative values and mindset and achieve enduring positive results.


Organizations and societies rise and fall by the quality of their leaders. Value driven leaders are essential for good governance and rising quality of life in the society.

Value Based Education

We create our tomorrows by choice through Value Based Education that develops the Character and Competence of today’s children who become tomorrow’s leaders.


We are social

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