About FVT

FVT was initiated to actualize the immense potential of Nigeria for greatness and well-being of its people. Despite its outstanding credentials for greatness, there is a heartfelt cry from Nigerians today for clear path out of the jungle of dysfunctional social political system that has trapped the immense energy of our people.
Great nations are built on strong pillars of values shared by the people. These shared principles provide the foundation and guiding spirit for their constitution, laws and behavioral expectations. They offer a unifying bond for the diverse family of peoples that make up the nation.
The people of Nigeria have the power to determine their destiny. FVT is committed to mobilizing our people to once again discover that path to sustainable greatness. We can forge a new path away from the slide to a failed state by mobilizing our voices and common resolve to challenge the selfish interests that seek to divide us and enthrone good governance anchored in shared values.
FVT is a platform for people who still have the passion for Nigeria to win again. A platform for the independence generation, frustrated at seeing their dreams of a great nation disappear into distant horizons. A platform for the oil boom generation, angry, watching wasted opportunities to position Nigeria on the world stage frittered away by a greedy minority. A platform for the millennia generation whose young hearts dread a future of perpetual unemployment, physical and financial insecurity.
Real change never happens all at once and no person or organisation can transform a nation. With courage let us match hand-in-hand, step–in-step to brave the storms with our eyes fixed on the horizon. Let it be said by our children’s children that we did not falter in the face challenge, we did not sell-out their tomorrows, we held our heads high to make Nigeria a place of pride for ourselves and succeeding generations. Welcome on-board.
FVT is committed to change! What about you? 

Joseph Olusegun Caulcrick
Executive Director


Joseph Olusegun Caulcrick

Executive Director

Joseph's Nigeria and international business management exposure cuts across various functions including finance, human capital development, marketing, logistics operations, cultural transformation and leadership development. 
His career started with Deloitte(Akintola Williams) Associates where he spent five years in financial audits and management consulting.
He moved to United Parcel Service (global supply chains solutions) in 1985 where he took on successive responsibilities including Finance Controller, GM Commercial, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager Africa, and Country Manager Nigeria. He was aEurope Region Leadership Schools Facilitator. During his tenure as Country Manager Nigeria from 2001 - 2008, he led the transformation of the Nigeria operation from 4th to 1st quartileprofile rating within the UPS Europe network.
Presently an Executive Director at Courtney Inglis Consulting, his span of work includes Leadership Development; Cultural Transformation, Performance Management, and Executive Coaching.
He is the initiator of the Foundation for Value Transformation (FVT).
He is a Chartered Accountant, Leadership Talent Developer (CCL USA) and Cultural Transformation Consultant (CTT), Certified Trainer and Facilitator (TAP UK).


Sir Olusegun Obafemi George KJW


Sir Olusegun Obafemi George KJW was born into the George family of Olowogbowo Lagos, on the 10th July 1942, he Attended the famous Igbobi College Yaba
He Obtained the B.Sc (Hons) Economics degree from the University of Hull, Yorkshire England and attended various post graduate courses in Nigeria, VIC, USA, Germany in Business branches Advanced Management, marketing and sales
He worked as the Senior Management portions in marketing/sales in Cadbury (Nig) Plc, P.Z. Industries (Nig) Plc, Blackwood Hodge (Nig) Plc at various times. and is the C.E.O. I.O.A George & Co Ltd. Uncle George Fast Food.
Some positions and accolades, both past and present he holds are listed as follows: 1 Consultant – Lisabi Mills (Nig) Ltd
2. Chairman – Lara Enterprises (Key Distributor to Unilever (Nig) Plc)
3. Member Board of Governors – Igbobi College Yaba
4. Director – MCN Tailoring Factory Ltd
5. Past President & Charter Member, Rotary Club of Omgbongbo Rotary International District 9110 Lagos
6. Past President / Founding Member Colonot Country Club Yaba
7. Holds various position in the Methodist Church Nigeria for which a knighthood was given (Knight of John Wesley – K.J.W)
8. Trustee – Foundation for Value Transformation FVT (an N.G.O)
9. Member Hymn Society of Great Britain Ireland
10. Past Board Member of the Lagos State Ameteor Athletics Association (A.A.A)
11. Past President International House Hull England
12. Past Athletics Captain – University of Hull England
13. Chairman, President, Patron of Mary Church societies in the Methodist churches.

He is Married with Children and grandchildren. ...

Rex Ntekim


Rex Ntekim is a transformational trainer / facilitator with more than a decade experience.
He is the CEO of Irresistable Communication. Rex is an amazing architect of people. He helps people to develop the internal desire to do what it takes to be successful. Rex's special gift of encouragement will compel you to want to, not only live better but be better. Rex holds a BSc in Biology and an Advanced Diploma in human resource management from the University of Lagos, Akoka.
Rex is the current president of Surulere Toast masters international. ...

Frank Haleem


Currently Managing Consultant, HeadRoom Communications Ltd, a Marketing Communications and Human Capital Development consultancy based in Lagos.
A seasoned advertising practitioner, formerly an Executive Director & Managing Director with the McCann World Group affiliates in Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.
He has worked and provided strategic marketing and media strategy on several brands in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and England.
He also has an extensive banking background having previously worked in Nigeria, with First Bank Plc, Credit Lyonnais, amongst others.
He has a B.Sc Sociology/Political degree (1979) and an M.Sc Banking and Finance degree (1991) from the Universities of Benin and Ibadan respectively.
He has attended several Marketing, Management, Training and Finance Courses around the world and is a certified trainer.
A published Poet and an avid social commentator that writes under the pen name, “Obanya”.
He is the publisher of Shekere, the popular Africa-centric historical journal. ...

Mr Femi Mosaku-Johnson


Mr. Mosaku-Johnson is a Principal Consultant and coordinator of General Management and Operations Management courses at the Nigeria Institute of Management .
Prior to joining the Institute, he worked for Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc for a decade and later moved to Lagos State Public Staff Development Centre, as a facilitator and counseling psychologist.
He has consulted for many NGOs including USAID, Agenda for Community Development, Centre for Community Development, Women and Humanity Initiative, CEDPA and Lagos State Teachers Resource Centre. He represents the Institute in the NBTE Accreditation Team. He is an alumnus of NCEMA,CMDLBS/Pan African University, LBS/School of Media Communication Lagos and HIIT.
He is the Secretary General, Centre for World Mission, Nigeria and Senior Pastor of Jesus Mission a small urban discipleship fellowship.
He is in constant demand as a public speaker.
He has been involved in training interventions, entrepreneurship,organizational development, and process re-engineering. He has also authored several books. He is happily married to Bose an Industrial Nurse and favoured with great children.

Our Charter

Our Vision

A cohesive, just and progressive society energized by shared values

Our Mission

Promote positive values through education and engagement of key stakeholders in the society and organisations

Our Values

Transparency through Open Communication, Honesty; Volunteer information and Objectivity
Commitment by being Steadfast, Dedicated and Loyal to the course.
Make a Difference through Excellence, Lasting Impact; Compassion and Volunteerism.
Leadership which is Visionary, Innovative, Dynamic and Selfless.
Strategic Alliance through Partnership; information sharing ; Collaboration.
Financial Stability via Prudence, Solvence, Fidelity; Donor Relationship Management.

Core Objectives of FVT

Strengthen positive values in the society to actualize the growth potentials of our people
Promote cohesive national values to strengthen unity in diversity
Support leaders in building sustainable organisations by driving success through values
Develop value based leaders for organisations and government institutions
Support organisations and government to develop cohesive values as foundation for sustainable change initiatives