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Welcome to our resources page, here you can get access to all our latest and past content such as articles we have been mentioned in, for online reading or document download, past seminars we have held and case studies carried out on us by media bodies, identifying and supporting the goals we aim to and are in the process of achieving.


What Makes a Hospital Great? By PAULINE W. CHEN, M.D.

Wed, 26 April, 2017 08:08:23 PM

Toward the end of my general surgery training, a senior surgeon pulled me aside to ask about my plans for further training. One of the best surgeons in the hospital, he had done his own subspecialty training at a hospital famous for vascular surgery. He nodded in approval when I told him where I was going; the hospital was known for excellent results with sick patients undergoing difficult operations. “Any advice?” I asked. The surgeon leaned over. “Learn about their system,” he said. He smiled for a moment as if recalling his own training, then added: “I...


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Case Studies

Nigeria National Value Survey

Wed, 26 April, 2017 08:21:48 PM
Background   Various research results have shown the link between values and the outcomes we get in our societies, organisations and individual lives.  This survey was initiated to uncover the values that are driving the outcomes in our society today and what values can stimulate new behaviors to move the society forward. We aimed to share the findings with key stakeholders to raise awareness of the impact of values on results and stimulate dialogues that will lead to a consensus to promote values that enhance the quality of life experienced by the majority of our citizens. Exe...


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