FVT Services

Our services engage facets of society that are considered turn-key or crucial to value transformation and progress foundation building which in advertently brings about:
National Culture Transformation, as we engage key stakeholders in the society to evolve shared values that stimulate cohesion and provide a firm foundation for sustainable development.
Promotion of Values in Educational Institutions, through support of education leaders in creating a conducive, engaging learning climate that births a shared sense of values in the institution community and finally produces graduates who have acquired a strong ethical foundation for character development.
Promotion of Corporate Culture, by supporting organisations to create and promote a sustainable high performance culture, and in addition assist partners in mergers and acquisition to identify potential culture conflicts, and opportunities for growth by leveraging strengths and developing shared meaning and cohesion amongst employees of both parties
Development of High Performance Government Agencies , through supporting leaders in creating a culture that enables the organisation to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders—employees, citizens, and society, Furthermore, enabling them to identify and reduce dysfunctional values holding back performance in the organisation.

Our Services include:


School culture is one of the main drivers of student's academic performance and social intelligence. FVT through its Value Based Education initiative supports schools in developing shared core values and behavioral ethics that influence behavior within the school’s immediate community of students, teachers and support staff. FVT provides guidance for the process of embedding the desired habits which ultimately drive outcomes. The process enables students to develop competence and character. Global values like respect, integrity, compassion, responsibility and perseverance become more explicit as students learn and experience them in daily activities. They grow into strong value based adults who can consciously make personal decisions anchored in their own values.

Youth Institutions

Value for Teens and Young adults program enables youths to learn that values are at the core of their lives. They are the silent and sometimes unconscious principles that drive behaviors they exhibit which can have a positive or negative effect on their relationships and outcomes of their lives. Gaining explicit awareness and reinforcing their priority values through the FVT program helps them to set boundaries of behavior thus reinforcing positive interactions with their peers and community. They become more confident and secure to navigate around life’s challenges anchored in their own values. At the same time they become more reflective, collaborative and tolerant of other peoples’ choices.


Every organisations rises or falls by the quality of its leaders. Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. FVT supports leaders to become more conscious and explicit about their own deeply held values and navigate necessary transformational changes that are validated through their words, behaviors and decisions in day-to-day interactions. They are thus able to lead their people with authenticity in the process of institutionalizing the core values that define the organisation, enhance a high performance culture and enterprise sustainability.


FVT raises societal awareness on the impact of values and beliefs on the level of well-being in a society. We utilize National Values Assessment to mobilize key stakeholders in the society to become aware of the values impacting the results they are getting and alternative values the people will like to adopt to get different outcomes. The National Values Assessment report provides politicians, government and community leaders with a way of measuring and monitoring the degree to which the needs and values of the citizens of their nation or their community are being met, and hence the level of happiness/well-being that people perceive. The report highlights the most important national and community issues, including degree of dysfunction due to unmet needs and fear-based behaviours that impact the general population. The information can be used to generate deep meaningful conversations among different societal groupings to provide a road-map for achieving improved quality of life and long-term sustainability.

Faith Organisations

Most religious organisations have ethical codes that provide the standards of behavior for all adherents. Over time, these values become eroded and may gradually cease to be the defining marks of the adherents. . FVT facilitates the process of awakening the core values of faith organisations and facilitating their adaptation to contemporary society, so they can remain relevant to guide day-to-day behavior of members.